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Free Training Series is Now Open...
The Course That Launched Us to Success Is Now Available! 
Get Access to the free 4 part training series
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00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
Get Access to Free Training Series
Free Training Series is Now Open...
The Course That Launched Us to Success Is Now Available! 
Get Access to the Free 4 part training.
Now, in case you’re not totally familiar with Amazing Selling Machine (ASM), or not sure about it yet, we encourage you to check out these free videos that will explain what it’s all about and why we’re recommending it as possibly the most powerful online opportunity at this moment in time.

In a nutshell ASM is an 8-week online course that teaches you literally everything you need to know to start a physical products-based online business by leveraging Amazon’s pool of nearly 400 million customers to launch. You will learn how to find, source, and sell your own products on Amazon. This is not as complicated as it sounds. Each week a series of modules are released that walk are designed to step-by-step guide you along from novice to expert. You don’t need any prior experience selling online at all- PLUS whatever the course doesn’t answer, we will.

The way that we think of this is as a college course that you can take online and instead of getting a piece of paper, if done correctly, you have a successful online business. Well, well worth the investment.
Meet Ben & Charity
Ben and Charity DeVries are also 7 figure Amazon sellers who love to consult about e-commerce and all things Amazon related.

As they’ve connected with more and more business owners and entrepreneurs who didn’t have an online presence (or who’s websites and business that are nowhere to be found in online searches), they began building websites and marketing plans to engage businesses with the right audiences.

Due to their immensely successful Amazon business, they began consulting with and coaching other Amazon Sellers.

This passion to help others, morphed into the full-blown digital marketing and e-commerce consulting company they are today.

Their passion is to help businesses and organizations grow, be seen, heard and find their purpose. They have helped dozens of businesses and entrepreneurs grow through harnessing the power of the web, social media, email, Amazon and more.

They love spending time outdoors and RVing with their family. They are parents and active in volunteering with their church and local school district.
Exclusive Physical Product Pros Bonuses
We have put together the best bonus structure that we could think of that will help launch you to success on your journey to financial freedom. With consulting we charge $200/hour; many of our bonuses include processes we have created and connections we have built over years. The minimum total value on our bonus package is $12,376— some of our bonuses are a bit open-ended, read more to see what we’re offering
Monthly Q&A Calls
$1,447 value
For the entire duration of the course, we will have a Monthly Q&A call with Ben or Charity. In these 30-60 minute calls we will be covering any and all of the questions you have that specifically relate to the training you learned that week. From our experience launching successful businesses initially on Amazon by following the ASM training, we have found that having access to mentors who have been there and done that was invaluable to us.

Final 3 Product Analysis
$597 value
After you have gone through your product selection as per the training in ASM, we will perform one final analysis of your top 3 products you have selected to help you determine which one is the best opportunity. This offer expires after 6 months and is good for your first set of product pics. If we feel you may need to start over, we will share this with you. This is a step many beginners get stuck on- we want to make sure you don’t get stuck so you can move forward and make money!

Access To Us Via Email for the First Month
$1,200+ value
Our goal is that you become successful, and having gone through this just like you, we recognize that sometimes you need more help than just the monthly calls. We will be giving you exclusive access to an email we created that we will all check to answer questions you may have during the first month of taking the course. 🙂 

1 Year FREE Access to the Physical Product Pros Mastermind Facebook Group
$1,200 value

Building a business is hard, hard work; from our experience some of the most beneficial experiences we’ve had have been as a direct result of input from mentors and other journeying with us as we grew our businesses. With that in mind, once you sign up for ASM9 we will send you a private invite to our exclusive Physical Product Pros Mastermind Facebook Group- you get FREE access for a full year just for signing up for ASM through our affiliate link.
Access To Our Personal Resource Vault
$450+ value

Throughout the years of building our businesses, we have amassed quite a few contacts that will be beneficial to you building your businesses. This list includes (but is not  limited to) product photographers, accountants, freight and shipping, and copywriters. 
Software Tool Discounts:
- Helium 10
- Click Funnels
- ManyChat
- Viral Launch
- Feedback Genius
- PPC Scope
- Aweber
- And Much More...
Inside, Exclusive Look Into Our Businesses Processes and Outsourcing Tips
Priceless 😉

For the first time ever, we will be giving some exclusive access into our businesses processes and outsourcing techniques that have freed up our time so we can spend more time with our Families. We will show you the real numbers we’re doing, walk through net vs gross sales, and talk through the mindset and expectations for success that has catapulted us to success. The fastest way to grow is to learn from those that are successful. We'd love to have you join us to help you out!
Quality Control Webinar
$447 value

What happens when you’ve found an amazing product, it’s selling well and then you realize that 1 out of 3 is a dud and you’re refunds go up and reviews go down? We’ve been there, so we will put together an exclusive Physical Products Pros members-only webinar that we will walk through pitfalls to avoid and how to ensure you not only pick a product that sells well, but one that is truly a great product and great value to your customers.

6 Months free ManageByStats
$350 value

We have worked out a fantastic deal for you on ManageByStats. MBS includes a suite of incredibly useful tools for building and managing your Amazon business. You get 6 months of free ManageByStats.
6 months of free fully operational ManageByStats, with 6 months of free SellerMail.
At the end of the 6 months, you can continue ManageByStats for just $49.97/mo, with 1,000 SellerMails/mo included at no extra cost.

Off-Amazon Expansion Webinar
$894 value

Selling millions on Amazon is great but it should only be one channel you leverage. In this webinar and training, we will walk you through the basics of expanding off of Amazon including, (but not limited to) Setting up an eCommerce site, different online channels you can explore selling in (such as Shopify or WordPress), how to get in to those channels to diversify your income, grow your brand, decrease risk and more.

BONUS #10:
$100 off Helium10 Platinum plan per month
$1,200 yearly value

Helium10 is an incredible app we all use to help build our listings, do keyword research, and recover thousands of dollars in potentially lost sales. With our exclusive group code you with get $100 off PER MONTH of their Platinum Plan.

BONUS #11:
Messenger Bot Template 
$2,500 value

We will give you access to our Ultimate Messenger Bot Template that will help you get started with using messenger bots to accelerate your Amazon success.  We've been testing this out and nobody has this template available (even in any of the courses out on the market). 

BONUS #12:
25% off Viral Launch & Market Intelligence
$100 – $1,000 value

Viral Launch is a platform to help sellers launch their new products to success through exclusive ranking algorithms and a network of buyers ready to purchase from you. Market Intelligence is (in our opinion) one of the best product research toolsthat shows potential profitability on products you may want to sell. As a P3 group member you get 25% off all Viral Launch services.
Learn More About ASM!
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Benjamin & Charity DeVries

7 Figure Amazon Sellers
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